هَادِئ \ calm: (of people) not excited or violent: Try to keep calm in times of danger, still; quiet The atmosphere in the room was calm, (of water) smooth and flat; not rough. cool: calm; not excited: Keep cool and don’t lose your temper. easy: comfortable: They lead an easy life. peaceful: calm; quiet: a peaceful holiday. quiet: peaceful; free from rush and noise and anxiety: He lives a quiet life in the country, making little sound She spoke in a quiet voice, making no sound; silent perfectly quiet; be quiet!. reserved: not showing one’s feelings; quiet in manner. restful: peaceful; allowing the mind to rest: restful music. sedate: solemnly respectable and calm, in manner or appearance: a sedate old lady. self-controlled: having self-control. self-possessed: (esp. of a young person) calm in manner, but sure of one’s own ability. serene: calm and untroubled: a serene smile. smooth: having an even surface; not rough: a smooth sea. still: without movement: Sit still! It was a still evening (with no wind in the trees, etc.). tranquil: calm; peaceful; untroubled: a tranquil existence in the country. \ See Also ساكن (سَاكِن)، مريح (مُرِيح)‏

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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